Then stop Cowes after a coastal baptism confuses the leaderboard of a pro sailing tour

Then cease Cowes after a coastal baptism confuses the leaderboard of a professional crusing tour Professional Crusing Tour 3 Jul 08:18 PDT July 5-6, 2022 Professional Crusing Tour 2022 © Lloyd Picture / Professional Crusing Tour Seven Ocean Fifty Foil Trimaran crew members are two because the pro-sailing tour prepares for his or her first … Read more

Cowes Classic Week 2022 Overall

Cowes Traditional Week 2022 General Giles Peckham July 2, 11:43 PDT June 27-July 1, 2022 8mR Shioma at Cowes Traditional Week 2022 © Tim Jeffreys Images On the fifth day of Cowes Traditional Week, as much as 20 knots of wind and loads of daylight from west-southwest to south-southwest supplied thrilling champagne crusing. Just one … Read more

Yachts gather at Cowes • Live sail die

Cowes Traditional Week, which begins the race on Monday, June 27, brings collectively greater than 120 boats and greater than 500 crew members and volunteers. It’s anticipated that 14 courses will compete for a spectacular rally of Royal London Yacht Membership trophies and can be fiercely contested. Each upwind / leeward and Spherical Zakan races … Read more