The BLT: April Showers

It’s been a rainy, low-key weekend that appears to be leading into a similarly rainy week. It’s hard to believe that April is nearly gone, and with all the rain and chill we’ve had, the ATL is still lacking in the spring department a bit. In any case, I’m hoping that these dreary April showers will move on soon and leave behind some warmer weather, and of course, May flowers. In the meantime, enjoy the last BLT of April!


A surprising number of people ask me what I do to keep my skin looking “so nice.” They clearly never witnessed the battlefield on my face during my early 20’s, but my skin and I seem to have at last reached an understanding. After years of fighting with my skin, I have simplified. Previously, I used various complicated routines that all consisted of stripping all the oil off with cleanser and toner and then moisturizing to replace everything I’d removed. Now, I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, which only rids my skin of excess oil, rather than stripping it entirely. It leaves my face feeling clean, but without that tight, dried-out feeling that comes from an overzealous cleanser. As a result, my face gets less oily during the day and breakouts are almost nonexistent.


All of the credit for my love affair with Tervis Tumblers goes to my friend Charlsie. She gave me my very first Tervis (from Augusta National, of course) for my birthday back in 2008. Tervis Tumblers keep hot things hot and cold things cold without sweating all over whatever they are sitting on. They come with all kinds of designs, they fit easily in my car’s cup holder, and you can get a lid with a straw or a coffee cup-style lid (handy for those really sleepy mornings when I need 24 ounces of coffee). They are my go-to¬†souvenir when I travel, so I can remember fun times I’ve had while making sure I get my eight glasses of water a day. Oh, and as long as the Tervis logo is visible on the bottom, the company will replace any damaged tumbler, no questions asked.


So, this isn’t really useful as much as it is just interesting, but WolframAlpha will visually map your Facebook network for you. It’s actually sort of an insult to WolframAlpha to introduce it in this context, because it’s useful for so many neat things and can answer specific natural language questions ranging from complex mathematics and science to history and pop culture. In any event, the Facebook mapping particularly piqued my interest because as an undergraduate ten years ago, I worked with a professor in my department who had a DARPA grant and was seeking to map social networks in exactly this way. It was the pre-Facebook era, so we were looking at e-mails, discussion forums, and the like. In any case, this is pretty cool.

So, what did you think of this week’s BLT? Were you interested/inspired/excited by what you saw? What BLTs have caught your eye lately?

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  1. Have you tried Whole Paycheck’s 365 version of Cetaphil? It has even less bad stuff in it and works just as great! (Now, if I could discipline myself to wash my make-up off every night, I think I’d be in business!)

    • Erin says:

      I will definitely have to try it! I am all for minimizing bad stuff that I put on/in my body. I did try the Target brand, but the consistency was weird and I was not a huge fan of it. I’ll pick up the Whole Paycheck version next time I’m there. Thanks!

  2. Nat says:

    Thanks for the beauty tips. Will have a look out for Cetaphil as you recommend. Writing this comment on a sunny May day so spring has finally arrived and its amazing how good it makes you feel!! Look forward to reading more tips and advice and lets hope the sun is here to stay..

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